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Beauty, Makeup & Salon App Development Company

Digitize your salon business with our Salon app.

Seamlessly connect customers with skilled beauty service providers and watch your revenue soar in no time.


In Beauty, Makeup & Salon

A Salon App is an excellent tool to connect customers with beauty service providers, enhancing customer engagement and attracting more clients. Our Salon mobile application streamlines your business operations with a wealth of features. Clients can effortlessly schedule appointments for salon services at their convenience, and the app provides you with essential booking information for improved business planning. Furthermore, clients can make secure payments using the integrated payment gateway, offering them a range of payment options. This app is designed to enhance the overall organization and efficiency of your salon business.


Increase in the number of beauty service appointments.


Increase in the number of favourable social media mentions, ratings & reviews.


Less monthly cases of cancelled and no turn-up appointments from clients.

Easy-to-use On-demand Beauty App With all kinds of Salon Services

Customers value high-quality salon services and efficient management. With our on-demand Salon app, customers can easily register, book appointments, and have a skilled beautician come to their location to provide the desired services. This convenient service allows customers to enjoy salon treatments in the comfort of their own homes.

Earn More Profits with an On-demand Beauty Service App

For entrepreneurs looking to transform their beauty and salon business, our on-demand Beauty & Salon Services app offers a powerful digital solution. By transitioning service bookings to an online platform, you can attract more customers and experience rapid business growth, leading to increased profits.

Beauty Products

      Highlight Features Of Our
Beauty, Makeup & Salon App


Live Geotracking

Easy Cancellation

Talk to Your Beautician

In the customer-facing mobile app, clients can view the real-time availability of nearby beauticians.

Clients have the flexibility to cancel their booking at any time, should their plans change.

 Customers and beauticians have the convenience to communicate with each other, addressing any questions or concerns directly within the app.


Work History

Review System

Detailed Profile

 Users can seamlessly access the app, schedule services, complete payments, provide feedback, and review their service history—all within a single platform.

Users have the opportunity to share a comprehensive review of the service they received, contributing valuable insights to assist others in making well-informed choices.

Users can create and manage a comprehensive profile within the app, keeping their information readily accessible for future reference and convenience.

Beauty, Makeup & Salon App

Core Features Of Our

Customer App

Manage Profiles

Users can effortlessly establish and maintain their profiles, with the option to include their contact information when necessary, streamlining the process for enhanced convenience.

Estimate Cost


The app automatically calculates the total bill for customers, taking into account factors such as the beautician's fee and the distance to be traveled, ensuring a seamless billing process.

Book Appointments

 Customers have the flexibility to set appointments with their preferred beauticians at their preferred times and dates, ensuring convenience and personalized service.

Payment Options

Customers have the freedom to choose their preferred payment method from the available options, making the payment process convenient for them.

Instant Alerts

Push notifications are utilized to keep customers informed about the service status, provide details about the beauticians assigned to their appointments, and share relevant updates.

Ratings and Reviews

Customers have the ability to rate the service they receive and provide feedback regarding their experience using the app.

Beautician App

Profile Set up

Beauticians can establish and maintain their profiles, showcasing their expertise, enabling customers to select them based on their preferences.



With the GPS-enabled geolocation features, beauticians can effortlessly locate customers' addresses and provide timely services.

View Ratings and Reviews

Beauticians can view the ratings and reviews provided by customers, reflecting their service quality and reputation.

Availability Toggle

 Beauticians can expand their service hours by toggling their availability, making it visible to customers seeking their services.

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