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Our on-demand home services app is designed to offer extensive customization options and facilitate seamless connections between professional service providers and customers. It's a secure and feature-rich platform that serves as a bridge, connecting home service providers with those seeking their services.

Develop an Extraordinary

Home Services App


With our highly regarded Housejoy clone app development solution, you can effortlessly provide a wide range of house-repair services to customers. Our home services app streamlines the process of availing home services, allowing you to incorporate various house maintenance services, including electrical, lawn care, and mosquito control, into the software. This on-demand home services app is equipped with the latest features, enabling users to easily book services and make payments. With personalized options, tracking capabilities, and status updates, our app simplifies the service booking process with just a few clicks.

                                                                              Features Of

                                                             Home Services App

Social Media Login

  • Enables quick sign-up using email, mobile number, or social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

Advanced Search

  • Allows customers to find the best services through integrated advanced search functionality.

Instant Booking

  • Permits customers to swiftly book services after providing necessary details.

Scheduled Services

  • Enables customers to set appointments for service professionals through the app.

Custom Filters

  • Empowers customers to refine search results based on cost, ratings, service type, and more.

Real-time Notifications

  • Keeps customers informed via push notifications, SMS, and email about request confirmations, special offers, and in-app messages.

User Questionnaire

  • Enhances matching with the right service providers through customer responses to admin-framed questions.

Review and Rating

  • Allows customers to rate and review services post-completion, providing valuable feedback for other users.

Profile Management

  • Enables easy management of profile details, including name, location, contact number, and personal preferences.

Multiple Payment Options

  • Enhances the customer experience by offering diverse payment choices, such as credit/debit cards and digital wallets, thanks to integration with numerous secure payment gateways.

Easy User Profile Integration

Safely gather primary user data through streamlined one-step registration and login procedures within the app. Foster strong connections with a global user base by offering diverse engagement approaches and facilitating social media login options.

Secure integration of socia
l media

High level of user-engagement

Customized on-demand apps

Building strong brand loyalty

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Extensive & Precise Order Tracking

download (2).jpg

Stay ahead and enhance operational efficiency with streamlined business processes made possible by our on-demand service app. Elevate user engagement by providing real-time updates on the expected start and completion times for their requested services.

Tracking orders i
n real-time

Monitoring routes

Updating status automatically

  1. Select Service: Customers can easily browse through a range of services and select the one that suits their requirements.

  2. Schedule Service: Services can be booked at a time that is convenient for the customers, allowing flexibility in their schedules.

  3. Earn Profits: Experience the efficiency of your business operations through the app and enjoy the resulting profits.

  How Our App Works

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