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Deck of Cards

 Rummy Game Development Company

Are you considering the launch of your own Rummy game website with the ambition of becoming a beloved platform for Rummy enthusiasts in your region? If so, we invite you to connect with us. At Futzen E-Technologies, we are passionate about technology and specialize in crafting exciting gaming applications for clients worldwide. Our team comprises highly creative and skilled game developers who take delight in creating games like Rummy, which have enduring appeal. Our gaming platforms, powered by cutting-edge technology, are designed for user-friendliness and fortified with advanced security features. You can access top-tier development services from our experts, all at an affordable initial investment with no hosting charges, resulting in your Rummy website going live in just a matter of weeks. Let's engage in a conversation about your vision and ideas.

 A Fully Customizable Rummy Game Development Solution

Futzen's white-label Rummy Game solution provides a rapid way to kickstart your gaming platform. This platform offers an array of top-notch tools and features that ensure smooth operation of your Rummy game with minimal disruptions. Our pre-built online Rummy platform is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your branding needs, feature preferences, and functionality requirements. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive Rummy solutions that encompass all facets of the game, including seamless payment gateway integration for both traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The platform ensures secure and protected payment transactions, complete with a robust transaction tracking system.


  1. Point Rummy: Play the classic 13 Card game with support for 2-6 players using single or two decks.

  2. Pool Rummy: Enjoy 101 Points Pool or 201 Points Pool games with fixed entry fees. This mode also supports 2-6 players and can be played with a single or two decks.

  3. Deal Rummy: Engage in games with a fixed number of deals, accommodating 2-6 players and using single or two decks.

  4. Tournaments: Participate in thrilling tournaments featuring multiple tables and multiplayer levels, where players compete to reach the finish line.

  5. Best Rewards & Loyalty: Access a range of promotions and a loyalty program designed to reward and retain players, ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience.

 Our Rummy Game Features Everything You’ll Need



Futzen Technologies stands out as a premier and swiftly responsive rummy game developer based in India. Our team comprises skilled and seasoned developers, enabling us to deliver top-notch mobile app development services to our valued clients. Our rapid and impeccable services have established us as the preferred choice for game development. Our dedicated and proficient team is committed to creating and delivering applications that ensure a stellar experience for our clients. The expert rummy development team offers our clients:

  • Round-the-clock technical assistance for uninterrupted support.

  • Gaming solutions optimized for diverse operating systems.

  • Cost-effective game development services.

  • Robust, secure, and error-free coding.

  • A peerless game development studio specializing in tailored solutions.

  • On-time project delivery complemented by post-sales support, all to guarantee client satisfaction.

 Our Rummy Game Development Services

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